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Cladding Ipswich with extra Insulation.

There are many reasons for using vinyl cladding on Ipswich homes, Queensland. Whether building a new home, replacing old weatherboards, encapsulating fibro etc, and recent Ipswich vinyl cladding projects have a variety of purposes. This material is easy to
maintain and clean, requiring only a spray with the garden hose once or twice a
year. It is also durable enough to withstand the tough hailstorms, wind andVinyl Cladding Ipswich
pounding rain common to the Ipswich region. When deciding on a home covering,
there are many factors to take into consideration. These are just a few;

Energy Efficiency
Going green is a growing trend in Ipswich. Using energy efficient materials for home improvement projects is not only popular, but also economical. Vinyl cladding protects the home’s exterior from the sun’s radiant heat and prevents drafts and air from penetrating or escaping the home as well. This type of material is often rated high in energy efficiency not only by government programs, but by our manufacturer as well.

Visual Appeal
Vinyl siding and trim are available in a wide array of colours. They can be mixed and matched to the homeowner’s taste and style. They can resemble natural wood or capture the plain and simple look of regular vinyl material. Using a unique colour such as Cypress Green or Mountain Blue will allow the home to stand out from the neighbours’. Of course, for those who prefer to blend in, standard White, Beige or Linen hues are popular choices as well. Choosing a contrasting colour in vinyl trim is a popular trend in Ipswich cladding
projects. This type of cladding does not need to be repainted, and will last for a life time – that’s also our warranty period!

Home Protection
The most obvious reason someone covers their home with vinyl cladding in Ipswich is to protect it from damage and wear. Ipswich receives an annual average rainfall of around 830mm per year. Water and wind can wreak havoc on a home when it is not protected from moisture. The foundation and underlayment are usually made of wood, which can suffer serious damage from rain, hail, insects and other elements of nature. Some home coverings, such as fibre cement products, develop cracks and crevices that invite water damage into the home. Vinyl house cladding is sturdy and keeps out moisture, heat and cold as necessary.

No doubt your home’s interior reflects your personal tastes and style. Why not the exterior? Prestige Exteriors House Cladding has been made to perfectly complement most
architectural styles, with the flexibility in colours and designs that allows you to give the outside of your home the same personal touch and flare as you do the inside.

How would you describe the perfect home exterior? Certainly its appearance should be second to none as you pull in the drive each day. Year after year it should maintain that beauty and the damage from the relentless summer sun, the pounding of hail or even
cyclone force winds. And it should never demand more of your time than a simple rinse with a garden hose.

What you’re describing is Prestige Exteriors Premium Vinyl Cladding. Our cladding combines superior rigidity in meticulously crafted panels. Each panel beautifully captures the luxurious look of natural wood. And even more than premium performance and aesthetic appeal, Prestige Cladding adds a vitally important bonus to your home’s exterior walls – energy efficiency.

Durability, Attractiveness and Energy-Efficiency. There’s nothing more you can ask of a
wall cladding system in Ipswich.

There’s no better option on the market today for Ipswich home owners than Prestige Exteriors’ house cladding so for an obligation free quote contact us here or call 1800 684 717.