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Cladding on the Gold Coast

Cladding on the Gold Coast has never had so many colours to choose from. Today, there are many rich colour options that will stand up to the damaging effects of the sun and provide a great look for your home’s exterior. In fact, there has never been a larger spectrum of vinyl wall cladding colours on the Gold Coast, including darker options featuring bold, rich earth tones, cypress greens, sunflower yellow, mountain blues, and more.

In the past, lighter colours like whites, beiges, and linens were the most popular choices for wall cladding on the Gold Coast. Not only did they resist fading, but they also provided a bright, clean, and warm home exterior.

While lighter colours remain a popular choice today, darker shades are starting to appear in newer, more contemporary homes. Darker cladding is being mixed with other materials, like brick or stone, to create a unique look. Blue and brown coloured vinyl cladding is becoming an increasingly popular choice for vinyl cladding colours.

Listed below are the basic colour choices that are now available. Each of these colours is equally resistant to the effects of the sun and environment.

White – Linen – Beige – Heather – Sand –Sterling– Wicker – Soft Maple – Sahara Sand – Sage – Pebble Clay – Mountain Blue –Cypress– Sunflower