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Cladding Prices for Vinyl Wall Cladding

Cladding Prices. How do we keep them competitive?

Superior Insulated Vinyl Cladding

It’s obvious that our NeoShield® Vinyl Cladding is far superior to any other like product on the market, but just how does Prestige Exteriors keep their prices competitive?

Our vinyl cladding exterior is shipped directly from the manufacturer to our warehouse ready to have insulation adhered and repackaged.
We deal directly with the BASF importer for the raw materials of Neopor® polystyrene and then have them delivered directly to our block manufacturer who then converts the raw product into Neopor® polystyrene blocks with a termite retardant added. The blocks are then delivered to our factory where we cut them into our cladding profile to fit perfectly and to be adhered behind the cladding.

State-of-the-Art Machinery and TechnologyCladding Prices CNC Machine

That’s easy, we cut out the middle men.

In our warehouse we have a purpose built and German Engineered CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) polystyrene cutting machine as well as a Nordson Hot Melt Glue machine
Having this machinery in-house enables us to keep our cladding prices competitive while also maintaining a quality control procedure, ensuring that all of the insulation profiles are cut exactly the same and fits perfectly behind the external skin of the cladding. This also allows us to be positive that the right products are being used in the manufacturing process.

It’s all under one Roof

That’s how we keep our vinyl cladding prices competitive, we do not outsource our insulation requirements and we deal direct with the manufacturer or importer.
You can be sure that when you have our product installed it will have included a Polymeric Flame retardant and a Termite Retardant built within the insulation.

Put us to the Test

For a free written no obligation measure and quote please call on 07 3868 4333 or leave a short message on our contact us page, you’ll be surprised with our cladding prices.