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Cladding Townsville with Insulated Vinyl

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A homeowner finds a faded photograph of her Queenslander house in Townsville and wants to restore its original look. Unfortunately, the original materials if available at all would be far too expensive and hard to maintain. In this case, the solution can be
vinyl house cladding Townsville. Thanks to advances and innovations in look and feel, design, and durability, vinyl cladding is being used more and more in house restoration and extensions.

Modern vinyl products are looking much more like real wood, however, there are a few steps necessary for achieving the quality needed for an authentic looking restoration or extension. In other words, while it might be your grandfather’s house, it cannot be your grandfather’s vinyl wall cladding. However, thanks to additives offering increased ultraviolet (UV) ray protection, weather resistance and durability, things are changing. The manufacturers of our vinyl cladding are confident enough in their product to offer extensive no-fade vinyl cladding protection, such as a lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser.

Prestige Exterior’s colour palettes for horizontal vinyl cladding have been increasing gradually, to more than 14 vinyl cladding colours, promising that our new proprietary technology is the best in the market place.

Another challenge to successful house restoration / renovation is rigidity, by laminating expanded polystyrene foam (also known as EPS foam) to the back of the vinyl, the cladding is strengthened enough to be made into 255mm (Double 127.5mm, 8mtrs in length) boards for the authentic look of old chamferboard. This backing performs many other key functions like increasing impact resistance, improve insulation
and lower moisture absorption to name a few.

Warping of old boards is one authentic characteristic most homeowners do not want to replicate with their new vinyl cladding. Thankfully, there are unique and innovative ways to fix the product to the wall, such as the flexible nail hem, which absorbs bows or dips in the old wall, allowing wall cladding to lie flat.

Prestige Exteriors in association with Kalin’s Vinyl Cladding Townsville strive for a genuine look by working to replicate the hand-sanded, sealed, and painted timber boards that Townsville houses used to be made of.

Kalin’s Vinyl Cladding have been established in the Townsville region since 1975 and have completed over 1000 jobs with 1000 happy customers. Our offering includes; Do it your self or trade supplied material stocked and locked. also servicing Cairns, Mackay and Mt Isa regions.

We offer free quotes for buildings old and new, why not call to us today? Phone Peter Kalin on 4724 2272 or visit our office at 79b Ingham Rd West End, Townsville.

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