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Cladding v Repainting Price Comparison

The Ongoing Financial Impact of House Cladding V Repainting Price Comparison

Painting Price Comparison

If the cost of repainting your home today is $8,336.00, over a 20 year period painting every 5 years after the initial paint job the accumulated cost could be as much as $41,680.00. Keep in mind the below graphic does not allow for inflation so depending on the rate at the time this figure would be much higher. Cladding v Repainting, you be the judge.

cladding v repainting


Recladding with vinyl can have many benefits. Vinyl cladding is easier to maintain, can help save energy dollars, and can increase the resale value for your home. At Prestige Exteriors, we have a range of colours to choose from to complement your home. Our Insulated NeoShield Cladding won’t fade, crack, or peel! Covering your existing cladding can transform the look of your home, giving it increased curb appeal and beauty.  With traditional wood cladding you have to scrape and paint your home every few years. That amount of maintenance is costly and time consuming, but with our vinyl cladding you don’t have to worry! It’s virtually maintenance free, so you don’t have to get on that ladder to paint your home. Plus, our cladding is laminated with a Neopor® backing which increases insulation to your home to reducing noise and drafts. With added insulation the cladding can actually return a quite high yield on your investment due to increased energy efficiency and therefore lower energy bills.

Cladding v Repainting, you be the judge.