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Prestige Exteriors’ Decorative Shutters

Decorative Shutters for House Exteriors

Decorative Shutters by Prestige Exteriors provide a great range that complement our vinyl cladding. Using the same natural deep-edged texture of real wood, they’re attractive and range from traditional to contemporary to match the feel of your home.

Decorative Shutters Guaranteed Durability

Decorative Shutters ColoursDesigned and tested to be durable and low maintenance, Prestige Exteriors’ decorative shutters don’t peel, crack or warp. They’re non-corrodible, colour-coordinated and they hold securely to your surface.

Your new shutters also come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Maintenance is virtually non-existent… just the occasional hosing down with water (and mild dish washing liquid as an option) maintains the luster of your new shutters and keeps your home looking great.

Decorative Shutters Choice and Versatility

Your new shutters are available in a range of colours but also primed to receive your own choice of colour.

Decorative Shutters for WindowsYour new shutters can custom sized to fit your doors and windows and come in a standard width of 365mm.

If you want the beauty of decorative shutters for you home or business, contact Prestige Exteriors today or submit an inquiry and we’ll contact you.