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Vinyl Cladding Supply and Installation
Prestige Exteriors’ Vinyl Cladding

Prestige Exteriors Vinyl Cladding is the most effective way to protect your home from the elements, as well as, save on energy. 

Satisfaction comes from knowing you will never have to paint again!

Years of testing and experience have proved the superiority over timber, aluminium, and fibro. Unlike these materials, vinyl cladding will not scratch, dent, rust or rot and is also termite proof!

Why install Prestige Exteriors Vinyl Cladding to your home?

Prestige Exteriors are now the most preferred Vinyl Cladding installers for most transportable home Builders, Realtor’s, and Investors who all say that vinyl cladding is the smartest choice for a maintenance free exterior. There are a few simple reasons. Vinyl Cladding lasts longer and outperforms nearly every other material, endures against sun, wind, rain and hail, and it never has to be paintedHowever, the full benefits of vinyl cladding come only to those who choose Prestige Exteriors as we use the highest quality vinyl cladding products available on the market.

We are so confident with our vinyl cladding that we offer a 50 year warranty with our product!

The eco-friendly building movement is currently under-way and many builders, developers and home-owners are considering a variety of green building standards to determine how to build a more cost effective green home. Prestige Exteriors’ Vinyl Cladding is engineered for sustainability, specifically to meet today’s environmental challenges and the highest Australian standards. Our Vinyl Cladding has the potential to earn more points than other exterior cladding in leading green building certification programs. Vinyl cladding outperforms most other exterior cladding in almost all life-cycle stages for environmental and economic performance by increasing the effective R-value of a wall by 10 –15 percent compared to traditional cladding products. This added R-value reduces energy consumption over the lifetime of the building or home and reduces its overall carbon footprint. Vinyl cladding comes with fully protected, CFC free, solid foam insulation built onto the individual weatherboards. Insulated Vinyl cladding protects your family and the environment by literally wrapping your house in insulation. Prestige Exteriors’  vinyl cladding aims to improve your homes energy efficiency and improve your comfort by when installed correctly over existing timber or fibro walls, or onto new framework with appropriate underlay, this will create an air gap which acts as a highly effective insulator. This may be further enhanced by using batts as an in-wall insulator. This principle is regularly used when attempting to achieve higher R-Values. Another advantage of Prestige Exteriors’ Vinyl Cladding is that it is environmentally friendly given that it is recyclable, where timber house cladding can lead to the destruction of forests while extraction of aluminium from its ore is energy intensive and it leads to the emission of greenhouse gases. The insulation you get from Vinyl Cladding Ipswich means greater thermal performance of your house and consequently reduced energy expenditure. Prestige Exteriors’ Vinyl Cladding also features perforations in the bottom of the boards so that any trapped moisture can escape, which is very important to prevent mould, mildew, and condensation inside the wall cavity.

Curb appeal is the first thing anyone takes notice of when driving pass your home, and it’s the first thing you see as the home owner each and every day as you leave and come home. Having a beautiful look to your home’s exterior can give you the sense of pride and envy of the neighbourhood and accomplishment. Now, wouldn’t it be great to have that everlasting look without the headaches and worries of having to maintain the exterior of your home?