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Vinyl House Cladding chosen for park cabin upgrade

January 2012: Vinyl House cladding by Prestige Exteriors was selected to be installed as a maintenance free exterior to an extra 58 cabins at the Barney Beach Caravan Park in Gladstone to relieve pressure on the districts’ accommodation shortage. Read more…

Environmentally Friendly Homes – 8 Reasons Why Vinyl Cladding is a Green Choice for your Home

July 2010: Vinyl has emerged as the world’s second most used plastic, but unlike its counterparts vinyl has many environmentally friendly features. Here’s 8 reasons why vinyl cladding is a great choice for your home and the environment! Read more…

Vinyl Cladding used to Protect Homes from Extreme Weather

June 2010: Recently, Australians across Australia have experienced a surge of extreme weather from gale force winds and flooding, causing millions of dollars in property damage. Prestige Exteriors’ Range of Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding has been tested to withstand the harshest conditions the Australian climate can throw at it. Read more…