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8 Reasons why Vinyl is an Environmentally Friendly Cladding

Vinyl was first developed back in the 1920’s, quickly became a key component in many products including wall cladding. Vinyl has since emerged as the world’s second most used plastic, but unlike its counterparts vinyl has many environmentally friendly features.

Here’s 8 reasons why vinyl cladding is a great choice for your home and the environment:

1. Environmentally Sustainable

The main building block for vinyl is Chlorine which is made from salt. This makes up just under 60% of vinyl’s chemical structure, meaning it is a sustainable and cost effective product.

2. Less Energy During Manufacturing

Vinyl cladding manufacturing consumes less than half of the energy necessary to produce bricks and mortar. Vinyl Cladding also uses less fuel during transportation since it is much lighter than bricks and mortar.

3. Solid Foam Insulated

Prestige Exteriors’ Duratuff Select vinyl cladding also come with a pre-installed solid foam insulation backing. This CFC-free higher insulation helps cut your heating and cooling energy bill, saving money and the environment.

4. Long Lasting

Adding to its environmental credentials, vinyl cladding is extremely durable meaning it spends more time on your house and less in a landfill. We are so confident in our Duratuff Select vinyl wall cladding that we offer a lifetime guarantee.

5. Low Impact Maintenance

Unlike other products on the market, vinyl cladding never requires painting which not only saves you time and money on labour costs, but the avoids the environmental damage from continuous painting. Further, only mild soap and water is required for periodic cleaning which ensures that it is not responsible for releasing harmful chemicals into the environment.

6. Recyclable

Recyclability is a key factor in vinyl’s sustainability. In America, more than 1 billion pounds of vinyl was recycled in the last year. In addition, much of the wastage from manufacturing can be recycled right back into the manufacturing process.

7. Less Waste during Installation

Compared to other types of exterior cladding and exterior materials, the installation of vinyl siding generates very little waste.

8. Releases Fewer Toxic Chemicals Than Other Exterior Cladding Through Life-Cycle

Vinyl cladding emits significantly lower levels of toxic chemicals, including mercury and silver, into the environment compared to other exterior cladding.

Protecting the future of our environment, and your home

As protecting the environment for a sustainable future continues to become a focus in society, vinyl cladding delivers many recognised benefits which make it a green choice for your home.

Prestige Exteriors is a leading supplier of vinyl environmentally friendly cladding in Queensland. We choose to only install Duratuff Select vinyl wall cladding which comes with a 50 year transferable manufacturer’s warranty! We clad directly over wood or fibro to leave a beautiful, colourfast and lasting impression. Available in 13 colours.

Read more about our vinyl cladding now, or contact Prestige Exteriors today.

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