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Vinyl Cladding Protects Homes from Extreme Weather

Extreme weather now becoming the norm but Vinyl Cladding Protects Homes from Extreme Weather

Recently, Australians across Australia have experienced a surge of extreme weather from gale force winds and flooding, causing millions of dollars in property damage.

A great deal of the damage has been caused to properties constructed without protection from environmental extremes.

It is expected that the weather will worsen all over Australia as a result of climate change, with harsher droughts and more severe storms, with more frequent high winds and hail but luckily Vinyl Cladding Protects Homes from Extreme Weather.

Protecting your most valuable asset – your home

Vinyl Cladding Protects Homes from Extreme WeatherTo many Australians it is their most valuable asset, so protecting the family home becomes very important when the elements become extreme.

Homeowners should think carefully when choosing external wall cladding, because this represents the largest area of the home exposed to the elements.

Superior performance – Rain, Wind, Hail or Shine

Prestige Exteriors’ Range of Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding has been tested to withstand the harshest conditions the Australian climate can throw at it.

Moisture Protection

Vinyl siding is an effective long lasting barrier to moisture. Vinyl cladding is fundamentally superior in performance when compared with wooden cladding under severe weather conditions, because:

* Wood is porous, and in heavy rain can soak up moisture into the house
* Wood also has the tendency to warp, peel and split over time, letting more moisture into your home and requiring maintenance.

Vinyl siding on the other hand does none of this.

Wind Protection

Duratuff Select has the exclusive Windlok 180 feature which gives exterior wall cladding the ability to withstand winds up to 288 km/h (180mp/h), making it the recommended siding for wind prone areas.

Impact Resistant

Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding is also designed to be impact resistant. Whether it’s hail or a cricket ball, Duratuff Select is designed to meet and exceed industry standards in impact resistance.

Protection from the sun and everyday stress

Vinyl cladding is also designed to handle everyday stress, not just unusual weather extremes. Duratuff Select is guaranteed by the manufacturer, against fading and discolouring from the harsh Australian sun.

For more information about Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding, please contact Prestige Exteriors today.

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