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Your Warranty Means Peace Of Mind

Our Vinyl Cladding Warranty

Our vinyl weatherboards are backed by a powerful Lifetime Warranty that includes the strongest colour protection in the business: A Lifetime Colour Protection Warranty up to 3 Hunter Units for ColorscapesTM collection colours.

And that warranty is transferrable, too.

So even if you move, or even if you buy a home with our cladding already on it, that lifetime warranty still applies!

How To Understand the ‘Hunter Unit’

Now like most people, you might be wondering what a Hunter Unit amounts to…

Hunter units are units of shade differences.

So in the table on the right is an example of changes in Hunter Units. It’s limited by what we can approximate on a computer screen up to 4 Hunter Units of change in fading of the colour. But it should give an idea.

The word ‘START’ is one colour. The ‘1’ is a step faded. The ‘2’ is another step faded. And so on to ‘4’.

Hard to tell the difference?

So it should be. It really is an impressive product for its colour integrity. Our warranty is that your new Prestige Exteriors cladding won’t fade more than 3 Hunter Units for ColorscapesTM or more than 4 Hunter Units for our standard colors… over its lifetime!